Thursday 14. May, 2020, kl. 05.00:

Sunday 17. May, 2020, kl.05.00:

I had just woken up when this incredibly surprising message came. With a friendly, full, gentle and calm voice without sound, the message came as thought, as strong and with character as with sound. Every word filled my head.

The summer 1979 I got The Experience of Divine Love and Compassion. That is the reason why I got this message now.

13.11. 2022.
God’s Communication with us humans. When God rarely wants to say something important to us humans, he does it this way: He gives a single man the Experience of Divine Love and Compassion. When the time is right, he gives the man instruction through the mans steering spirit, the man’s own father about what he wants to tell us. Then the man receives a message from God in his own voice, communicated through the steering spirit. The message confirms what the man has written and tells.
If we don’t take it seriously, and refuse to spread the knowledge we get, we will have to go through great trials once again.

A man who has had the Experience of Divine Love and Compassion — The Experience of Divine Love and Compassion is called a Yogi in the East. Through the teaching, which is a regular program for those who get this experience, adapted to the times we live in, I have learned that Abraham and Issa, Jesus were Yogis, but both were steered to become religious. When the Truth about Life after we have passed away was to be revealed, God had to use someone whom He steered to be without religion, but who believed that God existed and that Divine Love must be Unconditional. So I am also a yogi, but have so fa refused to tell it, because I have always known that I am no more worthy than anyone else. But now I am asked to tell it.

What I wrote about the trouble I had with snared breath and coughing, I have removed, because it disappeared when I stopped bothering myself with more writing.

God has Love and Compassion for us in the same way as we have for our children. Therefore, it has also cost God to lead us through several thousand years of war and misery in order for us to learn what religions, abuse of power and greed bring with them in terms of unrest and suffering. When we are told this truth, we can make a choice to stop the fight or continue. But so far, there is no indication that we are coming to our senses. Without realizing it, we all communicate with both God and our loved ones throughout our lives.

In the next round, when we ourselves die, it is our turn.

The assignment I was given to convey the Message from God that we are steered, and that we shall stay on Earth after we have passed away, is over.

I am 76 years old and healthy, but I do not know how long I will live. What I have written on the website should be enough help when everyone has to get in touch with their steering spirit. It is the steering spirit, steered by God, who will lead the development to peace. It is the spirit who best can guide the person he/she controls. When you speak, the guiding spirit hears your voice just as well as you hear it. The signals for the communication are as I have described.

— In case that some authorities shut down this website, I recommend that you take a copy of the text as it stands, even if it is messy.
– Do not delete anything
— Do not add anything.
— You get it for free and may share it with others for free.
— If you want to translate it into another language, do it as best you can.

If I am to write any more, you will find it on a new page I am going to put in the menu.

Then I thank you so far for the attention.

For us to have a human body to live in, after we have passed away, we get to steer another human being.

My steering spirit, dad Magnus
It was the spirit of my dear Dad that communicated this good message to me, and which I shall pass on. He passed away in 1970, took over my body after another in the family, and has since then ruled my life. Not from the outside, far or near, but from the inside, with me in my body. So close that I thought I was steering myself. He makes sure that I am who I am destined to be in this life. Communication is calm, pleasant and with just the right amount of fun.

Life on Earth is a reality theater where God is the producer, director and prompter.
We are all spirit. As human beings, we alternate between being an actor in the game, unaware that we are governed body/spirit during our lifetime, and after we have passed away — as a governing spirit for other people for three generations.

When a child is born, it receives a spirit that has been the guiding spirit of other people for three generations, and is to be reborn. At the same time, this little person gets a guiding spirit, who is a close relative or friend of the same sex as the child. In its new child’s body, the spirit does not have access to the memory from its previous lives. The governing spirit controls everything, including access to memory. Both are steered by God and thus guilt-free.

The Justice of God
As human beings we are steered to what we would have done, if we were set free.To God, we are guilt-free for what we do, but in our relation to other human beings, we are held accountable for what we are steered to do.(karma) If you hurt and humiliate someone, and apologize directly to the person, it will be deleted. If you do not, you will be directed to get paid back with the same coin.The best is to apologize as soon as possible after the mistake.

If you plan to kill another human being, and do it; then it does not help to apologize. You have caused two spirits to loose the body they should live in. Then, in your next life, you will be killed, yourself. The exception is self defence. These sentences I first refused to write, and thought I could get away with it. But a couple of days later I got it one more time. Again I refused. Immediately Dad gave me such a bad anxiety that it left me no choice but writing it.

The first subject, on karma, was already known to me. But what the case is on killing, was unknown and so dramatic to me, that I, in case that I had misunderstood, refused to write again. Then when I got that anxiety, I realized it was right, and that I was pledged to write for people to know it.

Do not take revenge. God will do that for you.

At the end of the road…
It never occurred to me that this support could be possible to get to publish what I have got to know and written about for two – three years. At the same time, and ironically, I soon realized that the very claim of having received a message from God could be enough to place me at the end of the road in terms of need for attention, confusion, and madness. But there are none of the parts. Had this been a fabrication from me, the characteristic would have been well deserved. The attention I want is for the significance and impact of the message. Not for myself.

When I ask my steering spirit: How is it possible for God to steer all of us at the same time, he reminds me of this quote by the German nuclear physicist, Max Planck:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

― Max Planck, The New Science

Latest news: Got the police at the door.

23 August 2022. I have not posted the following event until now:
The pattern of Truth/ reprehensible continues, (see chronological text) as Divine Love and Compassion — versus Perdition, reprehensible. Things that happen to me have now turned towards physics/science. Here are two “messages” with each apparently revolutionary meaning for us humans.

Thursday 27.01.2022 at 0700
Right in the sleep/wake transition, with my eyes closed, I looked at a light gray background in my inner field of vision, with this sentence written in typescript — and in English:

«The proton makes sound clicks as it switches out and in of inertia.»

I got up, went to the computer and wrote it down. This had never, ever crossed my mind before. It was completely strange to me! But is this something allowed and in accordance with quantum physics/mecanic?

On Tuesday 5 April 2022, another “message” came in the same way:
“Part of an older electric heater can now be used for a primus, possibly in areas without electricity” — “you should contact Doctors Without Borders” — Of course! 🙂 — Reprehensible. Now it tickled around the nose.

Some weeks later I got the explanation:
Our communication, with clicks in the right and left ear for yes and no, respectively, I had assumed from the very beginning that the spirit evoked pressure changes. But the cracking sounds I hear in various physical things such as walls, tables, chairs, the wood box, in steel lampposts and the like — as confirmations from the helping spirit, closely behind the questions I ask, have been a mystery how it is possible. But now he tells me that the sounds both in the ears and the other things are evoked, according to strength and duration, by the spirit causing larger or smaller atomic groups to oscillate out and in of inertia (the inertial system).

God has always been our teacher in science, everything we have learned over millennia. Now we get an offer to accept the existence of spirit, and the opportunity to explore what God, through the guiding spirit, wants to give us in terms of new technical development. Therefore, I want interested physicists to consider what I have to say, and perhaps leave the door open for spiritual science. If someone wants to get in touch by e-mail or telephone, I promise not to share the e-mail address or telephone number with others, without written permission.

19. August, 2022

The following text on this topic, I have not written anything about until now. It belongs to the theme of “Management” and the demonstrations I got in the time after Lanzarote. (see further down in the chronological part of my story). It is so important that I now put it at the top for a while, before I move it to where it really should belong; in the chronological section on steering.

The god of religions must be rejected
Religion, and religion’s conception of God, is based on perdition, the untruth one must dare to reject. The god of the religious simply does not exist. He can be discarded along with Perdition.

It is the True, Just God of Love that we will now get to know, – who will give us peace, further technical and spiritual development, and with sexuality as the greatest joy and pleasure in life.

05.05.2022. My comment, two years later. This was actually JUDGMENT DAY. It came on our biggest celebration day of the year, National Day itself, May 17, 2020 – but no one cared – and God continued his theater to rule us in the struggle for power. It seems that no one has bothered to spread the Message from God. It is an offer of amnesty from punishment for misuse of power that we have committed against each other for a long time. Heaven does not exist. Nor any hell, other than what we create for ourselves here on Earth.

The account of what I have experienced and gained from spiritual knowledge in connection with this unimaginable experience, DL&C, I first wrote chronologically from childhood onwards. (You should probably read that first; further down). But when I, a month before I was going to try to publish the story, received the Message from God, I naturally had to put it at the top. Then I had to follow with the consequences:

God will give us peace to come to after we have passed away, then the religions must be shut down. Because they are founded on a falsehood about God; that he condemns some to perdition. (see chronological account) The whole religious concept of god must be rejected, because if the priests and imams investigates their god, they will find no good features. No love or compassion for the lost ones. No sense of justice in his sentencing. Just disgust for the lost ones. Misuses power on a scale that is infinite. Not even a normal person would have the heart to condemn anyone to eternal damnation, – neither in a burning hell nor in other unbearable torment. Then the conclusion is that — in good faith, the priests and imams are the greatest opponents of the true God with Divine Love and Compassion.

Baptism of children
The religious faith alone is enough to ruin their life with anxiety and fear.

As soon as possible, and still in good faith, the priests and imams will get hold of these small and most trusting beings on Earth to brainwash away their innate capacity for critical thinking, and replace it with their religious reality which is completely wrong.

We are now on the brink of World War 3
We are robots and must now stop the fighting, put down the religions and work together for peace! If my account had been taken seriously, we could ideally have had peace when I published “Message from God”. But in the two years since then, large parts of Ukraine have been razed to the ground, thousands of people have been killed, and millions of people have been forced to flee their country. In addition comes the result of all the other conflicts around the world.

How far we have to go before we come to our senses, I don’t get to know, only that we will be forced by God. If someone has taken me to mean that I am the one who is going to force someone, they have completely misunderstood. It is the steering spirit that each one of us has with us in the body, which can be allowed to compel us. The method can vary between humorous and more serious, such as anxiety. And the last one is no joke, I recently experienced that. See the Gospel of Thomas

Gospel of Thomas:
“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. ”

This means that it is the knowledge of the steering spirit that you have with you in your body, which you now get to know about, and tell to other people. Because if you refuse telling, you are depriving both your steering spirit and yourself of the peace that God will bring, and the steering spirit will be able to destroy you.

Earlier, during my life, I never got any negative reactions from what I had read. Nor did I get that from the Gospel of Thomas when I looked it up online many years ago. By then it seemed impossible to understand. Several years later, when I was in the “Program” that I mention in the chronological section of this account, I looked it up again. When I read “If you bring forth …”, then one of the three anxiety rounds I had to go through, started. It was really annoying and frustrating, because I had always been able to read what I wanted, without any affections of any kind.
This anxiety is really bad. It begins in the abdomen and feels directly vicious, spreads throughout the body and removes all well-being and glow.

Before publishing: I never doubted that I would publish “Message from God” and the whole story. But at the beginning of June, 2020, – two weeks before I was to publish the account, then I got the thought that I would refuse. It was completely unthinkable, and I knew that the thought had been “pushed” on me. Immediately this anxiety started again, so painful that it completely put me off. I was frustrated by the injustice, but realized it was a commandment and that I would be severely punished if I refused. The anxiety came in portions of a few days at a time. In the end, I was so tired and broken down that I considered asking for an exemption for this assignment. Only then did it cease.

02.05.2022 The change to come
Dad communicates to me that this is not something we should just be able to opt out of. The change must be completed, because we have suffered enough in this life and in previous lives. So now we will have peace. And if we don`t do it voluntarily, we will be forced by our own steering spirit.

Now, to give me a push to do something about it, he reminded me of the Gospel of Thomas; and gave me a stroke of that anxiety over my stomach again.

Today I urge you to help spread the message of God, for it seems that I have failed, even though, for two years, I have been informing priests and lay people in most religions – NATO, a country at war . If any of them had cared about spreading Message from God, we have so many media that it could have become known in a short time. That is why I am now sending a warning with the Gospel of Thomas, because early today my father gave me a demonstration of the anxiety that can destroy man. It’s absolutely horrible – far worse than the one in 2020. I was scared, completely despairing, my facial muscles and whole body began to tremble as if it was on its way to dissolution. It lasted for three hours – and I hope I never get it again.

The next morning I got up, I got a reminder with a new touch of incipient anxiety. It made me despair and afraid that it would last a long time. But after a few days of short repetitions, it was gone. It was just a demonstration that I am pledged to tell about.
I am not an anxious man, at all! The anxiety I have experienced the previous years, have been demonstrations connected to my mission.

Now we have been told by God what our lives will be when we, ourselves, once pass away. The explanation you’ll find in the chronological part of my story. We are all equal actors in this global reality theatre which has now come to an end, but which every-one seemingly refuse to accept.

Now I get hints that anxiety as a coercive measure can be used against those who misuse power, both at home and on a larger scale. But where appropriate, the steering spirit can use milder or humorous methods like this:

During the first years of demonstrations, I could sometimes get high thoughts about myself, something I did not recognize myself in at all.
Immediately I got a series of sneeze, first two strong ones, then a small art break that built up an overwhelming third that went off the stack as the walls shook. This was one of the many fun things that spiced up our cohabitation for a long time.

Sudden coughing
Another method that can be used, I experienced for the first time at the airport when we were going home from Lanzarote in early November 2016. By then I knew that Dad was the spirit I had accepted. I was about to find my seat in the aeroplain, when I suddenly got a strong itch in my throat that instantly gave me a violent coughing that almost choked me. I had to get the flight attendant to fetch me a glass of water to numb the itch.

Later, after I had learned through the demonstrations what the spirit can control and influence in the body, I wanted to tell it when the opportunity arose, and asked if it was allowed. Then I felt a hint of the same itch at the point. But I eventually realized that it was just fun. My task is telling.

But now he uses it the other way, if there are things he does not want me to say. Now I just hope that the steering spirit of those who tell lies, or tell that God punishes someone by burning in hell, gets a proper round. If such a thing happens, they should try to look at it from the humourouse angle.

What we do, the steering spirit must also do for us. If there are wrong things we do, it hurts the one who steers us. But now the roles are going to be changed; and then it can easily force us with the means necessary for us to learn to treat other people with respect. I have discovered this with personal experiences on the body. In that sense, my job is to prepare others so that they will know what causes the punishment they eventually receive; as spontaneous strong anxiety.

Jaw joint partly out of connection
This piece of art was at first used in a humorous way. I knew already that evil spirits did not exist. Anyway, I was chewing a piece of bread, when I, just for fun, asked Dad if evil spirits existed. Then, in a blink of an eye, the jaw on the right side jumped half way out of joint, and with a loud knock slipped into joint as the result.

Recently he showed me that it can be used as a punishment if I override limits that are not good for both of us. Or that it gets stuck so that you have to use such force to get the jaws together, that the muscle is stretched and becomes so painful that you can barely get the food for a couple of weeks.

The steering spirit can lock any muscle in the body, and has many times, humorously, demonstrated it by locking the fingers, crouched in spasm and without pain. If someone wants to harm, or kill you, the steering spirit of the attacker is the one who can protect you in this way, by simply locking his entire body.

Painful tendon strain / muscle crampcan also be used against the attacker.

Acute blindness
The reason for the demonstration was this: My sight had become so bad that I was in danger of losing my driving licence, and I had to get lense surgery on both eyes. During the spring (22), I traveled three times by speed boat to to UNN in Tromsø to get it done. First a day trip with examination, and back home the same day. The last two, for surgery one day, and stayed over the night at the hospital hotel. Next day; check and return home.

The female surgeon, with fingers as special made for such work, did the surgery each time very fast, well under half an hour. The result was very good, and I went home happy and grateful both for the work the surgery team had done, and for the healthcare system which did it almost free of charge. Now I could put away my driving glasses.

The travel expenses I had had, NOK 4 – 5000, I had the right to get paid back by Patient Travel. But I didn’t like the thought of ​​demanding that too, when I had received such a good help. I know that my father, my steering spirit, gave me the thought, that is also in accordance with my “nature”. In the past it had happened a few times that I did not use this right. But then I thought that the rich state, in fact we, the people commonly could pay it.

So I looked up Patient Travel on the computer and registered the expenses, but made a mistake, so I had to start over again. But the attempt also failed. A little discouraged, I started the third attempt: Then my both eyes was suddenly blinded by a dense gray “fog”, with only a small, clear peephole in the center of the field of vision for the right eye. Where I sat, I tried with my head to align the peephole with the screen. There, the headline, “Pasientreiser,” found just enough place in the small field of vision.

I reacted with astonishment, some uncertainty of what the duration would be, and laughter at this surprising turn my attempt had taken. I realized it was a demonstration. Then the vision gradually returned, and was completely normal again after a minute. Then he “tickled” me kindly around the nose. Blinding both eyes completely is hardly a problem, either. I thew the expense papers in the fire place.

Acute dizziness of varying strength is also something he has given me a few times, just as demonstrations. Once I had to hold on to the door frames and walls when I walked. I take it with humor, because I know it’s just demonstrations to teach me what he is capable of. And remember, he is also steered by God.

I can’t say for sure that this things will be used on others. I am only told to tell it now. Should any of this happen to those who consciously or unconsciously engage in disinformation, lies and crime, they should know that it is the steering spirit that exposes them. Then they should try to look at it humorously when things aren’t too serious.

None of those who treat others the way they want to be treated need to fear the scheme, but rather welcome it warmly. For the steering spirit will teach folk customs.

Therefore, I ask everyone to pass on “Message from God”. Those who disagree with what I write about world politics do not, of course, need to pass on the address of my website. Sorry I haven’t said it earlier. But as I have been muzzled by the medias for everything I write about these two items; inextricably linked to our future, I have no other option than my own website to get my message out.

28 July 2022 The management that we are now subject to, is strict.

If I offend — ridicule the steering spirit, he gives me an itch in my throat that makes me cough. Then I might as well apologize immediately. If not, I will be tormented with it until I give in.

It can constrict my breath until it sounds like a pipe organ. Very uncomfortable and tiring. Now it applies to me, in the near future it will apply to everyone, I am told.

The shift that is to come will mean that we will have peace on Earth. It is also the intention that we should all be able to experience Divine Love and Compassion. But then we stop fighting and all religions be put down. Because they are all wrong. That is what “Message from God” means. It is on Earth we must be. Religions will cause us to go extinct. We are not allowed to do that.

The original text from 2020:

(Look further down to The Justice of God to see the law of penalty for what we, human beings, do to each other,- killing, violence, hurting and humiliating).

We have been steered to what we would have done if we had been set free. And we must now be fully educated in greediness, secular and religious violence and misuse of power.

We will all experience Divine Love and Compassion, for it will facilitate the transition to what will be the future:

The roles will be changed, and we will now get in touch with our steering spirit and be steered as God will. Then we can stop fighting against each other – and rather work together so that we can live in peace, both as human beings and as governing spirits, after we have also passed away.

We have been led to believe that we have invented all the technical development ourselves, but it has been given to us by God, little by little. Behind everything, God stands. What the future will bring in this field, I know nothing about.

Turning point
The message from God means that the first act in our development as humans on the planet must end. We are now told that we are steered and guilt-free. It tells us that we will be on Earth as a steering spirit after we have passed away.

My steering spirit
It was the spirit of my dear Dad, Magnus, who communicated this joyful message to me, and which I shall pass on. He passed away in 1970, took over my body from one of his relatives, and have since then been steering my life in my body. Not from the outside, far or near, but inside my body together with my spirit. So close that I have thought I steered myself. He steers me to be the one I was ment to be in this life. The communication has been quiet and comfortable, and with amusements in appropriate amounts.

The arrangement
Life on Earth is a theater where God is the producer, director and prompter. He also participates as himself, with an unconditional love for everything and everyone he has created.

The Devil does not exist. God, himself, plays the role of the evil one. If you are set to be a human of power and want to misuse power, you will be incited and directed to do so. But you can also refrain from doing so. You have a right of veto.

We are all spirits. As human beings we alternate between being actors in the theatre without knowing that we are steered body / spirit in our lifetime, and after we have passed away – as as steering spirit for other people for three generations.

When a child is born, it receives a spirit to be reborn after being the steering spirit of other people for three generations. At the same time, this child gets a steering spirit, which is a close relative or friend of the same sex as the child. Thesteering spirit controls everything, including access to memory. Both are steered by God and thus guilt-free.

We will stay on Earth after we have passed away
We will live the same life as the one we get to steer. The Doomsday occurred when the Message from God came. There is no hell, and we have nothing to fear in the relationship to God. The message cancels the foundation to all religions and their creeds given, because Divine Love is unconditional, and we are all steered and guilt-free.

Buddhism teaches also that we will be reborn, but they seek greater purity through asceticism, if I have understood right. And that is not necessary under Unconditional Divine Love and Compassion. Otherwise, the recipe for peaceful coexistence for humans is the same for all religions: Trust, respect, love and compassion, like it is for most people without any religion – and like me.

The fear of punishment can hinder free thinking, and has led to prohibitions and injunctions; forbidden food, mandatory clothing, self-denial or curtailment of the natural need for sexual pleasure and joy. Commitment to worship and give thanks. This hinders security, well-being and the natural right to freedom and happiness. This is a legacy from the Middle East and from the time of Jesus, but from which democracy and the women-struggle have freed us from. Christian leaders have found themselves forced to reduce the burning hell to exclusion from God. Still terrible stuff, and which many priests now avoid to tell. But now everyone can rejoice that they believed in something that was not true. And the priests will loose the burden they had with preaching the perdition.

Under Divine Love and Compassion, no one needs to suffer under these un-natural things to behave God, but rather seek what gives pleasure and joy. You may thank just when you feel it from your heart. If you get Divine Love and Compassion, you will never wish to stay in a religion any more. Because then you are free and happy.

Then, if you like, the prohibitions and injunctions can all be put in the trash along with the Perdition. The only thing required, is, if not flaming love and compassion, then trust, respect and care for each other. And that is already common for all people with and without religion. Then we all can consider ourselves a large global family without religious dividing lines, and together find solutions for peace all over the world. Simple and straight forward. With Divine Love and Compassion we may have Heaven on Earth.

The religious leaders should now be thankful to God, prepare to admit that the time of religions is gone, for the best of ourselves and our loved ones passed away and are steering us. And in respect of the God with Divine Love and Compassion who have made everyone of us guilt-free by steering us to whatever evil we have done in the past.

A look forward in time..
If we want peace and a good life on Earth for everyone of us as steering spirit in the afterlife, we have to make peace a reality on the entire globe – now, while we are still alive.
The same is the case for my father, and of course for all our loved ones who have passed away, both recently and generations ago, and who now live inside our bodies, steers us and long for peace. Now they have got the opportunity, through a steered person, to tell us that they are living together with us, and want us to be used with the thought of being steered, and they want peace! When we die, we also will benefit to the peace we made.

We can make the Earth a place we can all look forward to returning to after we pass away. After death, it’s too late. Then we know the Truth, but must steer our sons / daughters or the one we are allowed to rule, in whatever life they are to have in the world. In the same direction that the person is already used to and that should be their course in life – whatever it may be – from the best to the very worst: from peace to crime, drugs, violence and abuse of power, as a soldier in war.

If everyone gets to know this, we now have the opportunity to communicate with them, as I have, and get help to create peace. But if everything continues as before and no one tells further what the scheme is; then you do not have the opportunity to tell the one you are steering; son / daughter: “Dear you, it is me, your father / mother who steers you in everything you say and do.” Then you must continue as steering spirit for three generations until you are reborn again of a woman – without having had much opportunity to influence the peace you have longed for. And as a reborn human being, the memory is blocked from what you went through for better or worse in the three generations as steering spirit.

Divine global steering
Everything we have done on Earth, is done under divine governance, steering. All of us have the same value to God, and we have been steered to do what we would have done, if we were set free. Thus we are all kept guilt free to God.
Throughout many lives we have been steered to be both good and evil, seculars, religious, misusers of power, in insatiable seeking for wealth and control of people. Everything equally divided for everyone, so that no one should be above the others.

Both as born humans, and after death; as steering spirits, we have got to experience that the result will be subjugation, rebellion, war and revenge, hunger, suffering, death and greed.

The Justice of God
To God, we are guilt-free for what we do, but in our relation to other human beings, we are held accountable for what we are steered to do.(karma)

If you hurt and humiliate someone, and apologize directly to the person, it will be deleted.

If you do not, you will be directed to get paid back with the same coin.The best is to apologize as soon as possible after the mistake.

If you plan to kill another human being, and do it; you have caused two spirits to loose the body they should live in. Then, in your next life, you will be killed, yourself. These sentences I first refused to write. The second time I refused, Dad gave me such a bad anxiety that it left me no choice but doing it. And then it does not help to apologize. The exception is self defence.

Do not take revenge. God will do that for you.

No escape
We have only this beautiful planet, the Earth, going in orbit through the space — but our leaders seems to be blind to the danger they create for all of us, our loved ones passed away, included, when they conquer each other to rule the world. We know that USA was allowed to drop two nuclear bombs on the Japanese. They are not excempt from getting back in the same coin that they gave. No one who misuse power in large or small are exempt from it. These sentences in “bold”, I first refused to to publish, so I deleted them. My dad let it pass, and I thought everything was all right. A couple of days later, I was back on the text and got it communicated a second time – and once again I refused. What happened next, was: My heart stopped completely. For the time of two beats. The feeling was terribly alarming — and I was busy getting it written again. For each human killed, two spirits have lost the body to live in.

The Experience of Divine Love and Compassion
The experience of Divine Love and Compassion is well known in the East, both before and after the time of Jesus.These things was completely unknown to me in the seventies. I had only heard the term “Love and Compassion” mentioned by two foreign youths, who worked with us here in 1978. They had Love and Compassion as a guide in life. For me also, it was two good and necessary feelings we all can know.

What I have written so far, is the most important for me to get told. Then, from here I will tell chronological from my childhood the background for what has happened to me.

I had a good and exciting childhood in the 50s-60s Ytre Grytøy, the mountain island in the Andfjord. A sub-arctic natural paradise for kids to grow up, where most people made a living from fishing and small farms. As we grew, we had almost free access to play everywhere; in the mountains, on the shores, on the quays and the sea, where it suited us. There were quite a lot of people around, and help, if needed. We came home when we were hungry, and that was the normal. We learned to take care of ourselves.

The only thing that created horror for me in this paradise, was when I seldom visited, or had to be at Christian meetings and congregations, where there was silence, fear of God and preaching about life, the afterlife and the perdition in hell. For me, it did not leave a single trace of joy. Therefore, I mostly stayed away, and thus I had a happy childhood. Luckily, no one in my family was Christian, but according to Christian preaching, they were doomed to perish if they did not repent. Then the grown-ups would be thrown into hell to burn forever, either when they died or when the day of judgment came. If that day came while I was still a child, I would, because of Jesus, go straight to heaven, while the rest of the family would go to hell.

As a 13-14 year old boy, I tried to imagine the scenario at the edge of the blazing hell. Jesus was going to pick me up and had to tear me apart from the others. Then the devil came and threw my loved ones out to burn forever. How could I thrive in heaven, thinking of the destiny they got? That would be my hell forever. The only solution I could think of, was that God didn’t let me remember it. But again, I thought it was awful. I could not imagine God being so angry and stern. Why did he have to get Jesus killed before he could stand the sight, and be together with his creatures?

“Heaven” became just an emergency solution where I would never thrive. After this performance, I found it impossible to trust religion and did not let this eclipse my happy youth.

Yet, as a youth, I was of the opinion that there had to be a god, a creator behind all the wonderful life and the entire universe. But I have never been able to make any figurative conception of God. I thought that love, and divine love had to be unconditional. Jesus’ attitude to other people, to the outcast, the poor and the sick, his recipe for peaceful coexistence; love, respect, trust and care for each other, resonated with me. Moreover, he spoke against the misuse of power. But of course, one does not have to be religious to have such attitudes. I thought that if there was a god, it could be possible to make contact without any mediator from religious communities.

Research on my own body
I have always refused to believe blindly, but rather, by my own experience, tried to find out what is true and to trust. Throughout the history of medical science, students have made far worse experiments on themselves than I did in the early 70ies.

I had heard that a week’s fast would, on the seventh day, give an extraordinarily good feeling, but wanted to test the claim. Late autumn, and with body work, did not provide the most ideal conditions for the experiment. After two days, my half-tight nose, which had troubled me for most of my life, had become completely open. But after three days, the resting heart rate had dropped to 45, and then I was unsure if it was safe to continue, so I stopped the experiment, even though I felt OK. Water / liquid takes away the feeling of hunger. Then it was also interesting to know how it feels to be without food for that long. It was this attitude that led to my spiritual experiment.

Divine Love
The summer 1979, at the age of 33, I read about a woman in this country who had experienced Divine Love, and I would try to get the same. I had the opinion that if God existed, it had to be possible to get contact without any religious mediator. I also wanted to test the biblical statement: “Pray, then you will be given…” To steer clear of religion, I would turn directly to God, and here you get the words I said with my mouth, because I would at least hear it myself: “Dear God,” but then came the thought, “and Jesus, if necessary” – and I said it – “I would like to experience Divine Love, as this woman I read about.” I was unsure of what was needed, so I added the next thought I had; that I should become a Christian, if I got the love first, because I had heard that it would give an extraordinary good experience. All this I included, because I knew I would do this only once, and never again. By then I did not know that it was enough to say that I wanted to have the experience of Divine Love.

If there should be any answer to get, I expected to get it right away. But it didn’t come. I must admit I felt quite a bit stupid, speaking out in the empty air for this experience. Afterwards, I had no expectation of anything, and I just wanted to leave it behind.

But now I got a little anxiety that lasted the day out, to the next. It was strange to me. In the afternoon I went into the barn to see the rabbits our kids had. I felt a little sorry by them because I had not yet arranged a place for them outside in the summer sun. As I turned my sight and looked at them, it suddenly happened:

Divine Love and Compassion
The heart, the whole chest, the body was filled with love, compassion and joy, so good that it is indescribable. Along with this, I had an “inside” view of a pale golden light.
It lasted about 15 seconds before it slowly disappeared as I tried to hold it tight to make it last longer.
The love and compassion clearly felt coming from myself and were directed to the rabbits. The compassion I had neither thought of, nor asked for. It had its center in the heart. I was so happy that this really was possible to get, because I had almost no expectation of anything at all. I just wanted to know if it was possible or not.
This experience sweeps away all notions of both perdition and evil spirits, if one should have it. There is no place for such in this love. I knew immediately that Divine Love and Compassion is unconditional. It also gave me unlimited trust in what would happen later. I also realized that most things are possible. Hereafter, the promise of becoming a Christian became both unnecessary and impossible. But, because I had made the promise, I didn’t tell anyone about the experience. It could perhaps be taken to income for religion.
In the following years I lived without any uncertainty about life after death, even though I didn’t know where it was going to be, or what to spend time with. Many years later, when I came across the information that this experience have been known in the East, both before and after the time of Jesus, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was DL&C he, and others in the East, had got. In fact, and with no comparison to what more is told about Jesus, I couldn’t imagine anything higher than this.

Spontaneous healing
Later I experienced spontaneous healing three times, just by asking for it.

Hidden communication
In the eighties I was once with a group of 20-30 people, spread in several adjoining rooms, when I heard, in the middle of my head, one of them shouting my name. The character of the voice immediately told me who it was. The voice was weaker than one can hear with the ears, had narrower frequency band, but was very clear. Stunned, I reached to think that now the person is calling me. And quite right; now the person shouted: “Tor”, with a question. And now I heard with my ears. Today I know it was the communication system of the steering spirits I, for a moment, was switched into.

On June 15, 2007, we lost our dear first son, Terje, by drowning. Then the bottom fell out of existence for us parents, and for him who lost his big brother. Terje had just returned from his third winter at weather stations in the Arctic Ocean. He was a guy who enjoyed physical activity from when he was a baby. On his changing table his feet went like drumsticks, and when he was finally done there, the seams were cracked. As a nine-year-old, he emptied the savings box with NOK 300 and gave the collectors to a TV campaign for the poor. As an adult, he paid for a child on a caring home in the East, and who he also visited once. His sports activities, were paragliding, rock climbing and diving. In civil service he took firefighter education with smoke diving. While he was at the College of Engineering in Grimstad, he lived most of the time in a 25 foot sailboat he had bought. And now it was over. We were left just the memories of all his hitting and humorous comments and pranks throughout his life. During the following years, they helped with the emptiness and grief.

The Silver Cord severed
In the following years, I was plagued with muscle aches, swollen knees and sciatica. After a treatment at a chiropractor, and back home, I got an impulse to stretch my back. I let my head fall forward until it stopped. Then there shot a string sensation from the lower back, and about 20 cm up the spine, and one «string» from the lower back to the left hip, and halfway down the thigh. With open eyes, I pushed my head even further down. Then the sight was blocked, and I looked into a darkness where two seemingly flat, two-dimensional silver-shining bands, each with its chipped end stood totally still, forming a lying L. The longest band horizontally at the top, and with the chipped end to the right. The short one was standing vertical under the chipped end of the long band, with the chipped end up, but not in touch with the longest band. Out towards the ends of the chipped ends, they went from silvery, gradually turning to gold-glowing – as if with radiance. I could let my gaze wander from one side to the other and study the picture – a beautiful sight in High Definition. It looked like a perfectly stylized illustration of a rupture! The way I saw them, it seemed like they were 30-40 cm in front of my eyes, and the width of the bands 5-6 cm. As I lifted my head, the image disappeared and I could see normal. I was completely amazed and thought at first that it could be a physiological alert feature that this was dangerous. But then I became curious as to whether it could be repeated, and if so, perhaps could arise scientific interest. So I did it again, with the same result.

2009. I knew that I would one day tell about the indescribable experience that was so easy to get, because I thought it could soon spread, and perhaps lead to peace in the world. In 2012, I started telling. Then a change began in my psyche that I did not understand, but which I soon understood had a direct connection with 1979. What it was, I had no idea. But after some time I realized that it was the same as what the church says when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert.

The program (not written, yet)
The program, as I call it, is a difficult topic to go into detail on. Looked at from the outside and from a religious point of wiew, it is like a blueprint of what Christianity says about Jesus when he was tempted by Satan in the desert: “Satan came three times, but Jesus rejected him”. Then if a religious person is into this program, he will not dare to accept the spirit he is taught to be Satan — (but in fact it is his own father), and thus reject him. Then he will be forced by anxiety to preach the perdition, and a new religion or another branch religion may arise.

According to the ancient Buddhist copies from that time, (Nicolas Notowich) Jesus was educated a buddhist. And the Bible tells he was baptized by Johannes. This is a question that Christian leaders should get:
What is the reason why no-one tells that Jesus probably was one of others who have had The Experience of Divine Love and Compassion? I guess the Compassion would be troublesome in union with the perdition.

This time the Truth of Life after death would be revealed. Then it takes a non- religious person who believes in unconditional Divine Love to be used. I know I was unknowingly steered to do exactly what I did. I also know that I am not worth more than anyone else.
I got three rounds of experiences that will give outsiders the impression that evil forces tries to get access. I realized it could be perceived that way, but I never thought that was the case. Because they are, in this life, steered to believe that the Love of God is conditional, and thus will not get The Truth of Life after death

I also got thought communication with the spirit of our dear son, Terje, and my Dad, who passed away in 1970. Clicks on the right or left side in the nose bone for YES/NO.
(I did not know that the whole program was set in action by my steering spirit, Dad, with assistance by the spirit of Terje.)

Forced to be a Christian
I was not religious, nor would I be. But I was forced by mocking dreams and physical occurrences to fulfill the promise of becoming a Christian – the worst humiliation in my whole life. And I can tell you – this may serve as my best proof that my story is true. But there was another purpose which I could not imagine.

I wrote:
When the priest had said the last word of the little ceremony that followed, a freezing shiver went through me as my body was shaking inside the down jacket, and with open eyes eyes I looked into in a darkness with the front of a glacier in white and grayscale. More than words, it told me: «Rejected, here you shall not be.» I have to add that the priest is an all right man, he just did what I had asked for. I thanked him for what he had done for me, and said goodbye. Relieved, I went home, because now it was done. Because I had promised being a Christian, I had to do it – and then be rejected, so that this promise should not bother me later. That was what I thought so far. But there was more.

The Perdition
The next morning I got up in a normal good mood; then suddenly these feelings arose in me: a sadness, abandonment, and helplessness, so extreme that words can’t tell. Again, with open eyes; I looked down into a wault of black and grays – a figure, kneeling, towards me, crouched with the face down, as “lost forever”. The feeling lay all over the belly, almost like a fine-mesh “gray” network. It was so awful and impossible that I thought about how long it would last. After just one day, I would have to take my own life. And how does one do it as a spirit after death, with eternal time ahead? Without the experience DL&C, I would have been terrified, scared to death, but with its support, I could feel without fear. While this was going on, I arranged breakfast, and after a while it had disappeared, without me noticing it, and without leaving any worries.

My perception of the experience by then, was that I was showed what the religious must think about God. In that sense, it was a confirmation of what I had long ago considered a lie. Now I realized I had experienced the very origin of the religions.

The “perdition” was a sad sight and a set of extremely terrible, horrifying
feelings that I had on the kitchen floor for a while. No more. Because it could not possibly be ordained of an almighty God with Divine Love and Compassion, I could easily reject it. But the religious, who already believe that the perdition is a truth, may interpret this as the realm of the dead, and thus a confirmation that the perdition is true, as is the case in religious preaching.

At this point, I was not aware that this formed the beginning of a pattern: DL&C: True – versus The Perdition: “Trash”- – and which was completed a few years later, in mid-April 2020. But because it would only be derailing and confusing, I did not write anything about it on the website when I 14. May. 2020 received “Message from God. You are steered by your parents..…. »

This happened in mid-April, 2020: I woke up early, probably at 05.00, from a dream where an animal had been slaughtered, and the pieces of meat were scattered on the skin on a bench. Then came what I perceived as the voice of God for the very first time:

“They say it is good meat, but I have not yet tasted it.”

At first it was an immense surprise that this was possible. And now I was wondering; could it really be that I should not eat meat. But then I became suspicious. Was this a test, perhaps an exercise in confidence to reject — as I had done with the perdition. Dare to reject what seemed unreasonable, even if it came from God? The thought also struck me if this could have been given before, and was the reason for the ban that Buddhists have on eating meat.

But I thought that meat is good, and I want to keep eating it. In addition, a lot of people would be without food if they could not eat meat from animals . So I took the chance to ignore the statement as trash. No trouble — Everything OK

Then, May 14, 2020 at. 05.00: «Message from God. You are steered by your parents, relatives or friends. “

And May 17 at 05.00: “From now on you will know that you are free from guilt in what you do.”

Now I pick from the end of the story just to complete the pattern: True versus reprehensible

If we look at this in context, we get:
1979 – Unconditional Divine Love and Compassion = .. = True (for me)
2016 – The perdition, incompatible with DL&C = Reprehensible
2016 – Lanzarote. Accepts the spirit of my father. Blood Brothers = True
2020 – April: Statement on meat …………………. = Reprehensible
2020 – May 14, at 05.00: «Message from God. You are steered .. »= True
2020 – May 17, at 05.00: From now on you shall know that you are .. »= True

The last two are to be regarded as the whole message from God. When he split it in two, it was probably because it should be easier for me to remember. That this message was True, I already knew three years earlier after a long time of communication with Dad and with his demonstrations.

Truth or Religion
If you have experienced DL&C, you will not fear God, and thus dare to reject what seems unreasonable. But I think it’s worse for a religious person who, precisely because of perdition, is trained to fear God. He will hardly dare to reject anything, and must then proclaim both love and perdition – the paradoxical nightmare of religion that divides people, and in the worst case can lead us to extinction in the struggle for the right faith to avoid this un-truth

Here the chronological part continues

3rd round
After some months of «vacation», and where everything was back to the normal, I got little anxiety, but which soon disappeared. Now I noticed that I had another spirit in me. The thought communication showed that he cared for my family. It happened this way: I suddenly got a negative thought about them, which felt completely strange to me. And before I had time to consider it, a nerve sting shot from a distinct point in one foot to another point in my stomach as my whole body twitched. I did not like being even “punished” for a thought which I felt was not mine. Now I understood he at least cared for my family, and then it was OK. Later, he was quite humorous too. Sometimes, when I rehearsed on the guitar and played wrong, the spirit took on the freedom to complain with weak nerve stings in the toes. I told it to stop, but realized soon it was just teasing.

This autumn 2016, I was still communicating with the spirit. It was interesting and never scaring, because after DL&C, I had no anxious feelings to spirits. But for me, one thing was clear; the body was mine, and although he was ok, I thought it was time to friendly tell him leave me. So I chose to do as the mediums on a Norwegian TV-program — they told the spirit to “go towards the light». It worked for half an hour — then he was back again, communicating.
Later on, when I was lying on my back in the bed at night, arms and legs slightly spread, strange things occurred. It felt like something were done in my body. One night, lying as described, nothing had happened yet. Suddenly, during one full second, my left arm moved itself to the hip, where it was lying still. Now I knew he could override my will, and I definitively did not like it. I had not any intention, not one single thought about moving my arm. I thought it had gone far too long. Now my patience had ended. I mobilized all my bad will against it, tensed all my muscles and told him leave me. But no! He continued communicating as nothing had happened. Then I gave in. At least, he was both harmless and humorous, so I just let it pass.

The Spirit asks for acceptance
After a few months of communication, I was traveling to Lanzarote together with a group of other people. The communication with the spirit was now extended and very interesting. But, who it was, I had no idea. I thought it was a “homeless”. The last few days before going home, I felt a grip on my left wrist, much like the sensation you get from the plastic strip as ticket to an outdoor concert. I was not comfortable with that.
The day for departure arrived. I had a shower, put on clean clothes; pants and a light T-shirt hanging loosely on the pants. I was ready to go down to the others waiting for me when I got the grip on my left wrist again, and the question: “Do you accept me?” For a moment I was in doubt, but thought; if this is a result of having got The Experience of Divine Love and Compassion, I can surely trust it. So I answered, “Yes.”

The grip disappeared, and I went down with a sack on my back and a suitcase. When they saw me, they said: “You are bleeding on the elbow (right)– and there is blood on your shirt”. Surprised, I looked and saw the blood – Then a string sensation shot from my right wrist to the elbow – and the word, «Blodsbrødre» «Brothers of Blood” stood in my head. I asked:» Is this you, Terje?”. Then came and click in the right ear for “Yes.” I was very happy, but in this situation I could not tell anything of what really happened.

The wound was at the rear side of the joint, and not visible for me, but the blood had ran a bit down the under-arm.

The blood on the shirt looked as it had been blown on to it – like a shower of small fine drops within a diameter of 6-7 cm.

(Because we had lost Terje, and for to giv him all my attention, I was left to believe it was him I had accepted. Nice done. But exactly one year later, I got to know that my Dad is my steering spirit, and it was him I gave my accept. And that it was one of my uncles who did the surgery. He is Dads helper and uses my right wrist to express both thanks, and compassion when things are difficult and sad,- while Dad use the left for the same purposes. The helper is preferably one in the family, but can be anyone.

From now on, the the communication clicks were moved from left or right side of the nose bone – to the ears.

The wound was washed and plastered in a hurry. Back home the next day I looked at it in the mirror. Surprised again! A piece of skin, perfectly round, diameter ca 5 mm, had disappeared and left a perfectly round cylindrical hole all down to the bottom; the white sinew. As if a hole punch had been used. Without me recognizing, and without any pain when it happened, or later when healing. The hole was still completely clean; no blood, no clear fluid.

Direct writing and editing
I have to write, edit and correct the text directly. The story is longer than what I write here, and then it sometimes happens that I have to add new things for the sake of the whole. Everything is just at the sketch stage.

We are totally steered and guilt-free, but sometimes I express myself so that you may feel guilty. Then you should know that it is I who have not expressed myself clearly enough. It is also difficult to “navigate” between my old reality that was upside down – and the new one. Yet, I have to argue for what I consider to be right and true, as if we are autonomous creatures. Then I have to add that I’m not very good at the computer, and that leads to a bit of a mess that I fix eventually, hopefully. 🙂

Statement on myself
None of what I tell is the result of profound pondering, as some seem to believe, but have come as surprising, astonishing physical and mental events. And I’m expected to share what I have got to know with everyone. But all this is so special and unusual that I feel the need to document a certain insight in some topics. Here is my professional education:
1 year mechanical education.
3 years electronics for repair men of radio receivers / transmitters, radar, sonar, TV.

Professional experience throughout life: Sailorman on deck, fishing industry worker, fisherman, Radio / TV repairman, small farmer, caretaker of lighthouses, janitor, teacher in music and handcraft for a couple of years.
Have never used drugs, just to have said that too. Just some beer and wine in a social context 🙂

These topics have come into a new light for me:
Free Will (Benjamin Libet)
Synchronicity (Carl Jung)
The memory
The emotions

I will try to distinguish between what I have learned through repeated mental and physical experiences in interaction with the steering spirit, and what I get communicated through questions and physical answers as clicks in in the ears:

Yes = right
No = left
OK/Never mind = Rapid left/right or opposite
Stop, wrong, or, make nuances = Nerve sting in toes, hand, leg, thigh =
Think = Weak sting in the scull
Confirmation = A little air drop up the esophagus
You see! = A little itching by one ore both eyes

What I experience every day, is so unimaginable that I sometimes give in, laughing, that this really is possible. It has improved my everyday life to something very different and to the lot better than before. And I really wish it to become common for everybody.

The time that followed after Lanzarote was very interesting and exciting. In turn, I was shown with kind demonstrations that the spirit is in control of everything. He gives me themes to ask about, and answers yes or no with a click in right or left ear. Gradually, the list of signals was expanded. He steers me to be the person I am destined to be in this life. The communication is quiet, pleasant, and with amusements in appropriate amounts.
I have come to realize that all my thinking, the one I have had all my life, is communication with the steering spirit. He controls my memory and makes sure it is as good or bad as it should be for me. He steers all the emotions, the will and the movements. Mood, all kinds of feelings, included sexual feelings and ability. Kundalini is the very highest; a peculiar sexual orgasmic, pulsating feeling in the root chakra, (penis root). I lay quietly in my bed. Just waiting to see what would happen during a demonstration. I had read about Kundalini years ago but, didn’t think about it. It just began. I only got the starting phase, which was already absolutely amazing. It will be given to us both individually and to loving couples, and will spread all the way up to the head in a climax.
Health: healthy / illness. He controls all kinds of bodily functions such as salivary secretion. During the demonstrations my mouth was once all dried when I asked him if I could get the saliva back. During one second the saliva was flooding. And I’m not exaggerating.

The steering
Everything is steered according to how we are to be in the role we have in this life. He is connected «in parallell» with me, a little “in the forefront”, and so close that I think it is myself who is steering me. Makes me do what I shall do in my life. It is a wonderfully smart and practical scheme that is impossible to detect if one does not get the suspicion of how it works. And the suspicion – you don’t get it until the spirit gives it to you. He controls everything you need to understand and not understand. He gives me dreams, daydreams, thought performances. All kinds of planning. On a continuous daily basis; in small glimpses, he reminds me what to do. For example: If I’m going to drive to the town, and wonder if I forgot something – then the thought picture (pictogram) of the mobile phone pops into my memory – I go back, pick it up, and when ready to drive, the picture of the water bottle pops up in my mind, etc. You see, I have stopped to blame myself when I forget. And I don`t blame Dad either, because he is also steered, by God.

The steering spirit, the free helping spirit and myself; all three of us are in simultaneous thought contact with each other, but without me sharing their communication with other steering spirits. The helper comments and confirms sometimes with knocks in whatever, a wall, a thermostat not in use. A tree trunk or a street light steel post,(if we see something beautiful passes by) Always synchronously close behind the thought or my question – quite fun and enjoyable!
All of us bakes bread, cream cake with strawberries, eats dinner, drinks coffee, walks in the mountains, pics wild berries, fishing in the sea and whatever else I do, and thought I did alone. And I feel all right. They can change places, change to steer me. My innermost privacy is gone for ever, – and I don`t care.

Tickles my nose and mouth
They can make plans for fun events, and arrange everything to occur in accordance with the plan. And when things happens, and the good replies from the parties come, it happens that Dad tickles me around my nose, like with a broom of fine down.
If I think I have reason to be a bit sour by “shit happening”, and it lasts too long…then he tickles me around the nose, and I am not able to hold back the laughter.
It has been very amusing to get insight in this little innocent Divine betray for our loved ones to have a body to stay in, and for keeping all of us guilt-free. I’m completely amazed that this is possible!

Everyone can get contact with the steering spirit and also get the experience of Divine Love and Compassion without going through what I have done. Because, now is the secret of life after death revealed by one person./strong>

Important: If you have had parents or relatives who treated you bad, and who now are your steering spirit, it is important to trust that they, for some reason, was steered to be like that. As steering spirit you are released for that role. Then apologizing, forgiving and reconciliation can be done. And if you then feel safe to accept the spirit, as ai did, you may get the experience of Divine Love and Compassion. The steering spirit is the one who can relay it from God.

From here, much more can be deduced about everyday life. Now you can, for example, try to find out for yourself who steers you or the person you live with. When a couple goes to bed, there are two more close relatives from both sides who are joining the couple.

Science, Benjamin Libet
The scientific research of the american neurologist, Benjamin Libet, suggest that we do not have free will — that our choices are already determened when we, ourselves, make a conscious choice. 17 universities from many countries have joined forces to find the explanation. Maybe they also can try to get in touch with the steering spirit. With three microphones, one in each ear and one on the throat, communication can be easily recorded, especially when I am writing and asks questions.

One thing that is important for me to say is that no one must believe that I am better and have more love than others because I had that experience. I have never sought power over other people, only over myself.

And as for my relationship with God, it has been relaxed respectfully and with gratitude for the experience I had. I never got any feeling of obligation to thank and worship. Just sometimes when I thought about the incredible experience I had, I have thanked by heart for it. But then it must also be said that I have always been aware that everyone else can get it, too. What I did not know was that this secret of Life after Death was to be revealed. Why I got this mission, I don`t know. I just know there is a humorouse twist incorporated on my role at the end of this first act. But I leave it to the reader to discover…

Nicolas Notowitch. The book: La Vie Inconnue de Jésus-Christ
First I will emphazise that I have all possible respect for what Jesus, Issa was, as told in both Christian and Bouddhist texts, and for the the tragic treatment he got as crucified. What he was teaching concerning human coexistence, is still the best recipe for peace: Unconditional love, respect, trust and compassion for each other.

On the Internet I came across a book about the unknown life of Jesus, written by the Russian Nicolas Notowitch in 1894. From 1878— 1887, he travelled to India and Kashmir, where Jesus, as a young boy, lived and studied buddhism. The book tells that, after the custom, Jesus was to be married at the age of 12-13. He did not want to, and escaped east to India with a trading caravan to become a buddhist monk. Notowitch visited the Hemis Monastery, one of the places Jesus had lived while in India. There he saw copies of the ancient holy scriptures about the life of Jesus – Issa. He had the scrolls read, translated and written down, and published in French, “La vie inconnue de Jésus-Christ.”

In the original language, French, I wrote down the entire narrative that deals with Jesus’ life and ministry from birth to trial, in which he was sentenced to death. I put it through google translator — into Norwegian — and got reasonable good sight into what had happened.

Following the ravages of the Romans in Israel, he would return to comfort his suffering people, his brothers and sisters, as he called them. They welcomed him with open arms. The rulers put in power, were scared of a possibly uprising, and arrested him. Everything that was said by the parts, during the trial, was written down. The arguments. How the old wise Hebrews defended Jesus, and wanted Pilate to release him — because Jesus was talking about God as king, not that he, himself, would become king in Israel. Finally, in a rage, Pilate sentenced Jesus to death and acquitted the two robbers. The old, wise Hebrews washed their hands to show they were not guilty of the unjust judgment.

The Christian version of the drama, is opposite: The robbers were also crucified, and Pilate was washing his hands. I do not know what is right, but think the ancient Buddhist texts of that time may be more to be trusted than later oral traditions.

NRK journalist Joar Hoel Larsen
Recently I came across a correspondent letter from Joar Hoel Larsen, December 24th. 2011, on the life of Jesus in India. When Jesus was buried and the tomb was later found empty, he had survived because of his body control abilities as a monk. Together with his mother, Maria, they were helped to get east, and after 16 years, they came to Kashmir. There he lived until he died, 80 years old. Ever since that time, he has been both known and esteemed by the people there until our time.

Tor Alvestad,
Toppsundveien 1315,
9423 Grøtavær.